Bankless "WGMI" Hoodie
Bankless "WGMI" Hoodie

Bankless "WGMI" Hoodie

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“Composability is to software as compounding interest is to finance.” - Chris Dixon on Bankless

Interoperability is dope. Money Legos make these games we play possible, and it all adds up too: WGMI. Designed by Crypt0xWife, this premium hoodie will add vibrance and color to your day, and encourage you to keep building.

  • Limited Open Edition never to be reproduced. Ends 11.12 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Clean, no print on hoodie backside
  • On-Demand: Begins shipping approximately 7-10 days after purchase

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  • High quality Pullover Hoodie
  • Direct-to-garment style, using water-based inks
  • Cut and sewn by an expert in-house team in the USA
  • 60/40% cotton polyester fleece, 10 oz.
  • True to size, but a larger, roomy fit

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To pay with crypto (Ethereum Mainnet only), add to cart and select Coinbase Commerce at checkout.

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