Toca Faraday Bags
Toca Faraday Bags
Toca Faraday Bags
Toca Faraday Bags
Toca Faraday Bags

Toca Faraday Bags

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Epic Drop:

This product has a foldable Faraday cage that secures data privacy and protects the body from radiofrequency radiation. Designed for smartphones, bank cards and passports, it blocks GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and calls.

One bag, five functions.

  1. ONLINE POCKET: Put the phone in the online pocket and close it with a double-folded Velcro fastener. The six-layer metal mesh inside the pocket now acts as a protective shield between you and your phone. It protects your body from harmful radiation, but you can still receive calls and messages.

  2. FARADAY POCKET: Place the phone in the Faraday pocket and close it with a double-folding Velcro​ ​fastener. ​It is now sealed​ inside the ​Faraday cage — the inner ​protective ​layer, which is made of a high-tech mesh of conductive material manufactured in​ ​Germany. The double folding system and the outer layer make it​ ​water-resistant. Once the device is inside this pocket, all its signals (including calls and messages) are blocked… But the alarm clock still works!

  3. RFID POCKET: Did you know that money can be stolen from your bank cards if a contactless card reader is placed near your wallet? The RFID pocket also protects your cards, passport and other documents that contain a contactless chip!

  4. WALLET: On the back there is a compartment for cash and coins, it is sealed with a water-resistant zipper.

  5. STRAP+: It comes with an adjustable strap. Attach it to the pouch to carry it around your neck, sideways or around your waist. Size: 9" x 12" x 2.5"


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