What is MetaFactory?

MetaFactory is an experimental brand. A community-owned culture factory focused on the creation of digi-physical goods that celebrate Web3 and decentralized innovation. Creatives and builders of all types are invited to create products and fun realities that celebrate their art, community, project, protocol, token, etc. We abstract away all the production and logistics with our network of fashion houses, production partners and MF MicroFactories from NYC to Berlin.

$ROBOT is the MetaFactory Governance Token by which community members decide on token mechanics, reward schedules, partnerships, platform features, treasury use and more. It is also the vehicle by which value is captured, distributed, earned and shared; we aim to create a more equitable future of work in our grand experiment.

Creators receive $ROBOT based on the success of their product(s), buyers are rewarded with $ROBOT for their patronage, and the community earns $ROBOT by helping to curate the marketplace and execute operations and initiatives across various working groups.

Any excess revenue from product sales are leveraged for $ROBOT buybacks to provide liquidity, as well as reinvested in MetaFactory both physically and digitally. Fund management is entirely under the control of the community via the MetaFactoryDAO.

Become a Robot today and make fun realities.