The Unknown Traveler - T-Shirt
The Unknown Traveler - T-Shirt
The Unknown Traveler - T-Shirt
The Unknown Traveler - T-Shirt

The Unknown Traveler - T-Shirt

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The Unknown Traveler collection is a collaboration between Rare Designer and MetaFactory. These three pieces feature a custom design created by Rare and originally sold as an NFTThe owner of The Unknown Traveler NFT will receive 50% of the profits when a piece of apparel featuring the design is sold through the MetaFactory marketplace. Support the artist and the collector patron while rocking the latest in cyberpunk fashion.


"A lifeless body was found on the shores of the sea. It contained parts that were impossible to recognize by human eyes since they were characterized by electronic and cybernetic components. said body was still alive. although a little lost .. those who got it say that the last they heard from this body was a phrase similar to "Odyssey" or something similar.

They proceeded to take him to a hangar since his body had an unusual weight, and he was hung as an exculture in said hangar for people to visit and meet this strange traveler .. It is said that at night, when everyone sleeps , sounds similar to a transmission radio are heard coming from said hangar ... some say they have seen the body flying at night towards the sea. speculating on some Dimensional portal that exists on the distant shores." 


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