The PWN Wilson Tee
The PWN Wilson Tee

The PWN Wilson Tee

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There's an ongoing joke about how to pronounce PWN. There have been many known and loved interpretations of the name — after all, there's no single correct pronunciation!

PWN loves it when people get creative with this. During a PoolTogether Twitter Space with PWN, the PoolTogether community was wondering the same thing. This led Tim Cox to send out a tweet asking ‘wen pwn wilson shirts?’, and Liv Pasquarelli took things to the next level by making a sweet design!

Here's the final product: The PWN Wilson Tee in all its glory. Get yours while it's hot! 

Designed by PWN and Liv Pasquarelli - made for everyone who’s ever said ‘Wow’ about how much they love DeFi.

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