"Choose Your Own Adventure" Sweatshirt

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Word's out that MetaFactory's got the drip that don't drip. Creative freedom without the color bleed. Wash cycles as an allegory to...

Ok wait, let's skip the meta-phors and cut to the content: this coloring book sweatshirt is literally no-code decentralized avatar and wearable minting--just shake those markers and bake create!

Comes with 16 paint markers and, upon your reveal, the likely retweets of our entire community. Just tag @TheMetaFactory with a picture of your new 1/1

Designed by Weseeclearly

Fabric: 100% cotton, 320 gsm, molton brushed (i.e. super-soft interior fleece finish)

Screen-printed by hand in Berlin

Ships end of first week in Jan, 2022

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