MVMF VoxTee Alien
MVMF VoxTee Alien
MVMF VoxTee Alien
MVMF VoxTee Alien
MVMF VoxTee Alien

MVMF VoxTee Alien

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Alien T-Shirt

The Alien T-Shirt is a living CryptoVoxels wearable!

This is for a physical shirt inspired by the wearable.

VoxTees take Sinkas' 1 of 1 wearables and bring them out of the Metaverse and into your closet. Wear The Alien T-Shirt inspired by the design submitted by Sinkas!

Designed by Sinkas

Designer Robot Rewards will be split 4 ways, between the wearable owner, the designer, Sinkas and the technician penguin.

Available for a limited time from October 30th to November 2nd!

"Link to wearable on OpenSea

Fabric: 96 Polyester 4 Spandex. Regular fit, Stretchy.

Shirts are produced on demand and will take 7-14 days to produce before delivery. Sales are limited by time and will not be offered again.

To pay with crypto (Ethereum Mainnet only), add to cart and select Coinbase Commerce at checkout. Add your Eth address for future $robot reward claims and NFT deliveries. You can create an account and add it to your profile, rewards are retroactive to the set account address; claimable after distributions every 4-8 weeks.