"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie
"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie
"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie
"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie
"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie

"Tribes: Cheetah Gang" Hoodie

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We heard you're bored and love to ape. Behold the Genesis of the Apesthetics x MetaFactory Tribes Series. Non-#cheetahgang apes welcome.

Each physical hoodie comes with a 1/150 ERC-1155 of the Artwork featured by @Sickpencil.

This piece is an ape-fueled collaboration from the following:
@cryptopunk237 BAYC #2850
@OGDfarmer BAYC #2940
@codyboston19 BAYC #5388
@Nbatopshoteast BAYC #1407
@TraderRVM BAYC #2394
@DirSchmidt BAYC #8577
Design Direction: @CryptoAccord
Procedural Fur: @Fraemwerk
RoboApe Logo: @werdevill @humangonerotten

Limited Edition of 150
Made in Poland
80/20 Cotton/Poly 300g/m2

To pay with crypto (Ethereum Mainnet only), add to cart and select Coinbase Commerce at checkout.

Note: The custom production of this product will lead to a longer fulfillment window. Expect closer to 4 weeks. NFT artwork x 3D wearable hoodie coming soon. Add your Eth address for $robot rewards and NFT deliveries. You can create an account and add it to your profile, rewards are retroactive to the account address.

EU Sizing: Runs Smaller Than US.

Anticipate 4-6 weeks for delivery. Limited production begins after sale to minimize waste ♻️

Ships from US. Customs/VAT not guaranteed, predetermined or covered in retail/shipping prices. Buyers are responsible for adhering to their country's policies and any additional duties/taxes imposed by them (the troll tolls). Any losses or damages outside of MetaFactory's control are case-by-case on resolutions and not guaranteed. All sales are final. We'll provide customer service, but we don't reproduce Limited Editions to maintain the scarcity.